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Post  Coconutz on Thu May 06, 2010 1:50 pm

All users wishing to continue to use these forums must obey the rules stated below, if you do not you will receive either a temporary or permanent ban.

Permanent Banning will be enforced for:
• Advertise other websites without an admin’s consent
• Create more than one account
• Create topics with only the intention of starting a flame war
• Post links to any illegal items or pirated content
• Use racist or discriminating language in any form

Temporary Banning will be enforced for:
• Starting a flame war with other members
• Creating topics for spam, there is an off topic forum for that
• Posting links to videos show how to hack, glitch or mod the game.
• Posting images completely off topic
• Boosting your post count with spam
• Double posting on three occasions
• Using a language other than English in the forums

You should not:
• Post anything using all capital letters or using large fonts, the default is only size accepted
• Point out another members mistake in an offensive way, a quote with a correction will do

Admins and Moderators can change or add to these rules at any time. Please check back regularly for updates to the rules.

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